A Wild Onion winner!

Actually, I think everyone in blog-land is a winner!  We all have such interesting things to learn and share!  I thank each and every one of you for sharing your comments with me.  I’ve loved growing into my blog– I feel like I’ve found my voice, and I look forward to the time I can steal away from my busy boys so that I can ramble on here.  I appreciate that you all take time out of your own busy schedule to check up on me– I hope to keep you entertained  for years to come.

However, I had a gift to give away, and thanks to some technical help from my youngest, Patricia Mosca, a fellow altered artist, has won my blogaversary gift!  Congrats, Pattie, and I hope you wear the bag often!

Please visit Pattie on one of her many blogs– she is a very talented artist, and I enjoy checking out her artwork!



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2 responses to “A Wild Onion winner!

  1. I am so very excited!!! Doing the WAVE..jumping up and down…I am so happy!! Thank you so much…(especially to your youngest!!!!)
    Artfully Yours…

  2. Freda Henderson

    Congratulations Pattie. You will have the best looking bag around.

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