Color test and a free gift

This fun color test was forwarded to me by Lora. It will suck up about 15 minutes of your time, and if you are at all competitive (who, me?) it will make your heart race a teeny tiny bit. Of course, if you are nutso like Vicki (in a good way! Nutso in a good way, Mrs. I-make-spreadsheets-for-my-color- dyes.) (I’m intimidated by her prowess, therefore I tease) (Love you, Vicki!) (nutso) you will make a spreadsheet and get a perfect score. All other mortals will do the best they can with their God-given monitors.

And, just in case you are at all competitive (and by you, I mean me) you will want to know that the score at the end goes from zero (perfect) to 99 (not so perfect).

And, just to add a little spice to the mix, if you take the test, and then guess MY score, I’ll send you a little prezzie! I’ll give you a hint– it’s a number between zero and 99. hahahaha! I do that hint-thing with my kids, too. Makes ’em nutso!

NOTE:  the giveaway has been given– thanks for playing!



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12 responses to “Color test and a free gift

  1. Ah-ha – now I know why you were so coy about your score. I scored 16 without any adjustments to ambient light, glasses, or my monitor. I suspect your score was around 2. No way I’m going to guess 0 because you will just say that proves I need a Mac in addition to more dye.

  2. Lesley

    I scored 20, and I’m guessing that you scored 7 … I’m going to blame my really bad eyesight, my rubbishy old monitor that fact that it was raining 😛

  3. Barb

    Ooooh, I have bad lighting in our computer room, and I only got a 25. I bet you got a 5.

    By the way, I *love* your blog. In my first visit, you cleared up a question I had about dyeing with multiple covers, found instructions for my ironing board and was utterly inspired. Thank you! You do wonderful work.

  4. Interesting…well, I scored a four so I’m going to guess you at a 3…one better than me, LOL.

  5. Well, maybe the test blew up but it said my score is “0”. Is that your score too Susan?

  6. My score came in at 28, but I have a handicap. It’s my laptop. I think my score would improve if I used my old pc. I’m forever moving my screen to see things at a different angle, and I did the same for this test. I’m figuring from the comments already made that your score was no more than a five so I will make a stab at 3.

  7. HI–I will say your score was four. Mine was eight.

  8. You are too funny! I’m going to take the test again tomorrow – with my work monitor.

  9. Wow, I enjoyed that but it my eyes started watering at the end there. Maybe I’m just tired. I scored an 18. I’m guessing you scored an 8.
    Hugs, DebiDeaux

  10. Karen S

    oh dear. I thought I was doing well with a 39 in about 5 minutes, but see that I need to try again with the lights on. If you took 15 minutes, and had your heart racing, I’m guessing that you got a one.

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  12. I scored a “4”, but I’m guessing you scored a big, fat “0”!!

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