Letter to my husband

Dear Mr. Wild Onion,

With all due love and respect for the seventeen years we’ve been together, I must ask this rather delicate question: Have you lost your mind? You threw this away?

(fabric to paint over, bullion trims, rusted flat tray, empty chips bags)

I don’t think you’ve ever really loved me, and for sure you haven’t paid attention to the goings on in that huge building behind the house.

Love and kisses,

Mrs. Wild Onion

PS– the rust yard next to the driveway notwithstanding, I think it shows us in very poor light with the neighbors to have your wife dumpster diving in her own garbage cans.



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5 responses to “Letter to my husband

  1. Way to tell him Susan (in front of the whole American public no less….oh wait. it’s really the world, hee hee)

    He should know better since he’s seen all the different “things” you have stashed in your studio. What nerve!

  2. Is this Burning Man detritus? If so, maybe he could gather up everyone else’s interesting art materials as he leaves next year~

  3. Go girl! That’s the way set him straight!

  4. Go, Susan, Go!!! That would make a lovely picture!! LOL

  5. I know how you feel. My husband asked today if I wanted him to clean out my artroom while I leave. How very thoughtful, he thinks. They just don’t get us. Sandy

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