Antique Basket quilt

It’s been a while since I posted any quilting photos, so I thought I’d show you the quilt I’ve entered into the Santa Barbara Quilt Guild show. This particular quilt will not be judged, due to the fact that I didn’t remember to send my entry form in until the day it was due! But, my forgetfulness is a whole ‘nother issue, and this post is about quilting!

I designed the quilt pattern as a block-of-the-month pattern. For those readers not familiar with this type of pattern, each month, the quilt shop sells the directions for piecing one single block. In this pattern, each month, the quilter got directions to piece one basket block. Included in the sales price is the fabric to sew the block. Once the blocks have all been pieced, the quilter has an entire quilt! This is a fun, manageable way to piece an entire quilt.

I’ve always been drawn to basket quilts of all types, and I’ve always wanted an antique basket quilt, so for this guild show, I decided to create my own “antique”! I used reproduction fabric from the 1800’s, and my personal interpretation of a basket design.

It’s 102″ x 97″, so I couldn’t hang it to get a straight photo for you. You’ll have to take my word that it’s straight and square. It’s also not blurry in person.

I’ve photographed some of the simpler pieced baskets, trying to get a better photo of the quilting. However, I could barely see the feathers I was quilting when my nose was inches away from the quilt on my machine! The back fabric is a busy 1800’s type pattern, which also doesn’t show any of the quilting that took me days and days and days to accomplish:

What? You can’t see the quilting? No, it’s not your computer monitor. It’s not even my computer monitor! As a professional longarm quilter, I felt compelled to quilt feathers, even though the patterning in the fabrics is such that the quilting just doesn’t show up!

Here, I’ll walk you through the quilting– close your eyes and imagine: in the rusty brown and the dark brown sashing, I quilted straight parallel lines, in a quilt design referred to as “piano keys”. In the patterned sashing, I quilted a tiny feathered vine; in the setting blocks, I quilted feathered triangles; and in each basket block, I quilted a feathered heart. Phew! Lots and lots of teeny little feathers.

I named the quilt “So Last Century”, which is kind of tongue in cheek, because I can’t let anything go without poking fun at myself. The sub-title to the quilt is “the quilt of a thousand invisible feathers”.

Poke poke.



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4 responses to “Antique Basket quilt

  1. I love it Susan. I’ve always liked basket quilts too.

  2. Love your quilting description! LOL! It’s a beautiful quilt. I like sampler quilts that have some cohesive element – like your variety of baskets.

  3. My mind’s eye can see your lovely feathers! Because it’s yours I just KNOW they are there. Lovely quilt!

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