shower curtain

It seems like the cousin of Murphy’s Law goes into effect when you remodel a home: no matter where you start the remodel, you end up remodeling every corner of the house. My house has proved no exception to the rule; we now find ourselves working our way through the house from one end to the other.

One desperately needed upgrade has been the bathrooms. The cabinets and fixtures are the originals from 1976… old, dated, falling apart. The boy’s bathroom got the first re-do:

The cabinet was a dining room buffet piece that Mr. Wild Onion re-finished. The granite is a beautiful rusty gold, with slate tiles as the surrounding backspash. The mirror was a Costco find.

The shower curtain is the point of this post, however.  I couldn’t find a store-bought curtain that looked nice in this elegant bathroom.  One day, I noticed that Mr. Wild Onion had pulled out a piece of my rusted, overdyed fabrics and draped it over the shower curtain rod.  What’s this??  Mr. W.O. is playing in my stash??  Get out!!

Turns out he hasn’t decided to learn how to quilt (phew– my stash is safely MINE!!) He just thought that the fabric looked good in the bathroom.  OH!!  Cool!! He has a very good eye for color and texture, and I agreed that the fabric really added some great texture in the room.

A shower curtain has a lot of fabric, so I had to create some rusty art cloth specifically for the project.  I got out some white cotton, dampened it in a water/vinegar mixture, and tossed it (artfully, of course) into my trusty rusty wheelbarrow.

A week later, after turning and misting the fabric daily, I had enough lovely rusty fabric for the curtain.  I added some whimsically cut chocolate brown squares to mimic the slate tile squares in the backsplash/bathtub area.  I love how it turned out, and thought you might like to see an example of how to use your own art cloth:

Here’s another fairly gratuitous photo, just because I do so love the rusty texture!

Next up:  a tutorial on adding grommets



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5 responses to “shower curtain

  1. Carol

    Stunning the whole bathroom looks wonderful
    Susan wrote: Thank you! The bathroom is way too nice for my gross little boys! I’ve threatened to re-institute the floating Cheerios if they aren’t more careful. Or perhaps an outhouse?

  2. Just beautiful and kudos to Mr. Wild Onion as well.

  3. I love the new sink and cabinet! OMG, it’s way too nice for stinky boys to use! Love, love, LOVE the shower curtain! Ed gets a kuddo for inspiring you.

  4. lol, you’re right being the boys room sure is way to nice, but seriously the bathroom looks great!!

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