Fibre in Form workshop online

Here’s another quick, photo-less post (sorry!!!!)

Two of my favorite mixed media artists, Lynda Monk (PurpleMissus) and Carol McFee (Textile Tales) are teaching an online workshop beginning October 15, running for 6 weeks.  These two are so talented and innovative– I urge you to pop over (click their blog link after their names) and check out their work.

Registration is now open; the fee is $54-ish USD (30pounds).  This covers all the lessons and a private online discussion/help group.  I e-chat with Carol from time to time, and know her to be a very funny, generous woman.  I am also a big fan of Lynda’s work– she is very uninhibited with her experiments, and is extremely generous with posting photos on her blog.  I am so very excited for this opportunity– come join me!

Here is the link to the workshop information:  Fibre In Form Workshop.  I cannot wait!!



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4 responses to “Fibre in Form workshop online

  1. thanks for the link. I registered for the workshop, seems very interesting. We will “see” during the workshop !

  2. Shame we are on the road for 3 of those 6 weeks so no point registering.

  3. dawn

    Thanks for the link to the workshop. I have signed up. Are you taking it too?

  4. Way cool that you are taking this workshop too. Can’t wait to see what we all do.

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