Snowcone Mom

I know, I know– I promised to post a tute on applying grommets.  I do have all the photos ready, but I haven’t had a large enough chunk of time set aside to do a proper job.  If you’ve never written a tutorial before, it is quite time consuming!  I am ever so grateful to those bloggers who are generous not only with their knowledge but with the time they spend writing out directions.  Here’s a blanket thank you, lovely bloggers!!

I sat in a parents’ meeting last week for the 6th grade classes.  Our 6th graders spend a few days away from home at a marine institute, learning about the ocean, and how to get along without Mom.  It’s a pricey trip, but the adventure provides memories to last a lifetime.  It is money very well spent, IMO.

Those of you who read my blog will remember that my son has been raising money all summer  to help pay for this trip.  Some other children will be totally sponsored by their family, and other children will need some financial help.  I feel so strongly that the whole group should be able to go together.  On one hand, my tender heart believes that each child deserves to have this opportunity, not only as a time of personal growth, but also to bond with the 6th grade “team”.  On the other hand, my selfish heart believes that this opportunity is an important brick in the path to maturity, and let’s face it– these kids are going to become the adults who take care of me in my dotage.

This is all a long winded story to explain why I have neglected the blog for a few days– while I sat in the aforementioned meeting, the issue of fundraising reared its head.  Our school owns a snowcone making machine… and guess whose hand started flapping above her head when they asked for a parent to spearhead  Snowcone Fridays?  Oh yeah.  ‘Cause I just don’t have enough to do on a normal day.

So now, I’m the Snowcone Mom.  Wheee!

My goal is to raise $1,000 before the middle of November.  We’ve had 2 snowcone days (I instituted Snowcone Wednesday when I heard that it was going to be 100 degrees yesterday!), and we’ve raised $164.  Not a great deal of money, but I’m hoping that with a new big red sign and some more hot weather, we will pick up.

Wasn’t it just last week that I was griping about the heat and moaning about crisp fall days?  Not any more.  Heat wave, come on down!!


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3 responses to “Snowcone Mom

  1. I should have had children because it’s my dream to be Snowcone Mom!

  2. You picked the right product for Ojai. That’s exactly what we needed on dye day! Can you imagine how many wine flavored snow cones we would have consumed! hehe
    You’re off to a great start, mom 🙂
    Susan wrote: wine snowcones! What a way to create more revenue (but only for the adults, of course!)

  3. Good luck on your venture Susan and I think you are a awesome Snowcone Mom.

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