Leanne Marshall and De-Construction

Spoiler alert for Project Runway fans who tivo-ed the finale and haven’t heard the outcome– go read your other blogs, and come back here when you’ve seen PR at Bryant Park! I don’t want to spoil the finale for you!


Congratulations, Judy Noodles!!

For those of you who don’t watch Project Runway (WHAT?? It’s fabulousness!!) Leanne Marshall, aka Judy Noodles, won Season 5 with a stunning, wave-inspired collection of clothing. I was (and still am) a big fan of Leanne’s work; I hope that DH will read this blog post and get a big hint about what to get me for my birthday or Christmas!

Follow this link to see Leanne’s collection, and then come on back and see what I made last month after I first went to her website and saw her previous Winter collection!

I love texture and monochromatic color schemes, and so it was no stretch for me to love Leanimal clothing. I was noodling (get it? I’m so funny!! I crack me up!!) around her website, when I peered past a gorgeous outfit to the wall behind the model. Shizam! I found it interesting to learn last night that Leanne’s Bryant Park collection featured mainly sustainable fabrics. My work seems to uphold and reflect my passionate interest in the environment as well, and this piece was no exception. Leanne and I are so alike! Except for the tv show. And the clothing collection at NY fashion week. And the $100,000 prize.

Warning: you’ll have to pardon the HORRIBLE photo– it’s full of shadow and yuck, and I couldn’t get a better photo because it went off almost immediately to a show and hasn’t returned. I was waiting to show y’all until I got a better photo, but with Judy’s win, it felt right to post my work, inspired by her beautiful choice of location. But be forewarned, this is a horrible photo. The work itself is crisp and clean, very light looking and not all dingy and sad, like in this photo:

Here are a few close up shots:

Here’s the artist’s statement:

Upon first glance, De-Construction appears to reflect the frilly froth of a summer sun dress. Creamy white lace underscores pearly beads and buttons with seeming innocence. A driftwood hanger recalls light hearted days at the beach.

Closer inspection of the work reveals the darker meaning of the piece : lace is hard and scratchy, silk roving remains un-spun, buttons are askew instead of marching in an orderly line, patches are distressed fabric coming unwoven.

As consumers, we must begin to make better choices in regards to our buying habits . An article of clothing worn for one season, lives out the remainder of its life in a landfill. Throw away fashion is not innocent or light hearted.

Techniques and materials include heat distressed Kunin felt “lace”, crushed polyester, unspun silk roving, recycled vintage beads and buttons, distressed woven linen patches, found driftwood.



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3 responses to “Leanne Marshall and De-Construction

  1. I was also very happy for Leanne. Her collection was amazing!

  2. I knew Leanne would win as soon as I saw the six collections presented at Bryant Park, but I couldn’t help rooting for Korto.

    And you are right, S, you need to post about this piece again when you get a good photo. It is too good a piece to appear so dowdy right in front of everybody.

  3. Love her clothes, so glad she won! Nice photos of her new collection, she deserves it!
    Hope you’re well sweetheart. All is well here, except that 9-19 was very bad this year.

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