An unlined, un-quilted Wild Onion Jacket

I was recently contacted by Judy Carpenter, a fellow member on the Complex Cloth yahoo group. Judy had purchased my Wild Onion Jacket Master Pattern, and was planning on making an unlined, reversible jacket.

After a few emails back and forth, Judy decided to go for it– with incredible results. With her permission, I am posting photos of both the “right” side of her jacket, and the reversible lining– both are incredible fabrics, and the jacket is equally wearable on each side!

Judy lives in the South, and wanted an unlined, unquilted jacket. To accomplish this, she first sewed the arm/side seams of each jacket part (“right” side and lining). She then placed the two parts right sides together (the sleeves will be hanging loose– don’t try to stuff them inside of each other), and sewed along the front edges, the neck edge, and the bottom back edge, leaving an opening to turn the jacket right side out. Once Judy turned the jacket right sides out, pulling it through the opening in the bottom back edge, she pressed and top-stitched along the outer edges, in lieu of binding.

Judy noted that although she hemmed the sleeve edges first on this jacket, in the future, she plans on turning the sleeve hems and topstitching them after the jacket body has been completed.

To see more photos of this jacket and Judy’s other, creative fiber adventures, please visit her blog or website by clicking on these links.

What a successful Wild Onion Jacket! I love the idea of a light weight jacket– kind of like a cardigan, but more polished. Plus, that fabric, Judy! YUMMY!!


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One response to “An unlined, un-quilted Wild Onion Jacket

  1. goldenneedle

    Wow, I’m glad to hear that the WO Jacket pattern works well without quilting…….I have a piece of hand-dyed rayon that I’ve been waiting to use……only I wondered if it would work….and now I know. I see another WO in my future.

    Karen L

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