Customer’s applique wall-hanging

Every once in a while, I quilt for a customer and remember to photograph the quilt! This is a lovely 4-block applique quilt wall-hanging, and I thought you might enjoy seeing how I chose to quilt the various elements:

here’s a photo of the whole quilt, still on my machine (not the best photo**– more for reference, really!):applique-quilt-overview

Here’s a photo of the border:applique-quilt-border

and here’s how I chose to treat the applique’s themselves:applique-treatment-with-background

** NOTE:  In the original, unedited post, I typed “not the best quilt”  when I meant to type “not the best photo“.  I apologize to everyone reading this post– I am a dork that early in the morning, and should never be considered for a typist position!



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3 responses to “Customer’s applique wall-hanging

  1. I wish you would remember to take pics more often! I love seeing your quilting…wonderful!

  2. That’s a fun quilt and I love your quilting!

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