Off to Catalina Island Marine Institute


My baby (the older one) just left for his 6th grade trip.  It’s the first time he’s been away from home, except for the odd sleepover.  I’ve only been away from the children twice– once for a night, and once for 3 days.  Breaking up is hard to do!
We got up at 4:30am to arrive at school by 5am.  The bus was a big, new coach with a bathroom and plush seats– no rickety school bus for these pampered kids!  After they loaded the kids, the door closed and we parents watched the teacher gesturing wildly.  We figured the boys were acting up, but then the interior lights went off and all the video monitors went on– omg!  They were all watching movies!  (in my day, I had to walk to the school bus barefoot in the snow uphill both ways, and then we had to push the bus to our destination….)

All the hard work selling snowcones paid off– every single child was able to go on this trip!  I felt a wave of pride as I watched the bus fill with happy, excited faces.

Have fun, 6th grade!!



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3 responses to “Off to Catalina Island Marine Institute

  1. Awesome! I hope they have a wonderful time!

  2. OMG, I think you grew up in the same town as Mike. He also walked to school barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways! Sheesh.

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