Wild Onion Jacket created with recycled bags

It’s that time of year again– time for the Wearable Arts Connection of Los Angeles to have their annual wearable arts fashion show!

This year’s theme was “Road Trip Jacket”. Here’s the entry information I submitted about my Wild Onion Jacket:

Title of Entry: Flashy Trash Jacket
Fabric/Materials used: Recycled junk food bags, plastic grocery bags (to back the chips bags), 100% cotton– from my stash, of course!

When asked to recall memorable road trips, most motorists extoll the beauty of passing scenery, the interesting folks met along the way, or the out of the way diners where delicious pie was eaten. Ask any mother of young children about her road trip experience, and when she’s finished rolling her eyes, you’ll likely hear about the amount of food that was handed to the backseat! Constructed of collaged chips and pretzel bags interspersed with black and white checked fabric reminiscent of car racing graphics, this original Wild Onion Jacket also speaks to the importance of recycling. Whether the artist finds new ways to re-use materials, or just keeps trash bags off the side of the road, let’s work together to clean up the Earth!

By the way, no child was harmed in the making of this jacket. They were both forced to eat broccoli at dinner that night!

On with the show:


I backed the chips bags with ironed on plastic grocery bags (I really had to scrounge for these.  Now that I use Tee Bags for grocery shopping, my stock of plastic bags has dwindled dramatically!) This backing gave the bags more stability. There are orange crystals sparkling in the jacket, but the photo doesn’t show them.

Note: I won a blue ribbon (for Humor! So there, boys– proof that I’m funny!) Now, off to steam some veggies!


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11 responses to “Wild Onion Jacket created with recycled bags

  1. I love it!! LOL I can relate to the whole road trip junk food thing…I have two boys and a hubby who look forward to experiencing new horizons primarily over the rim of a Doritos bag!
    The jacket is beautiful as well as hilarious, and you well deserve the blue ribbon. Congratulations!

    ( I HAVE to find out how to use plastic bags to laminate to the chip bags. That sounds amazing!)

  2. Love it, Susan! It’s a winner in my book!

  3. Great jacket and I loved your story! Congratulations on the blue ribbon.

  4. It’s making me hungry!

  5. Carol

    Fabulous jacket Susan, makes me smile looking at it, congratulations on the Blue Ribbon

  6. dawn

    Susan, this is fabulous!!! The jacket is a hoot. How very clever of you. Congratulations!

  7. This is the cleverest ever! I love it!!!!!!

  8. Joan

    What a wonderful jacket. Congratulations on your blue ribbon.

  9. Fabulous but what I want to know is this: is it noisy-crunchy?!

  10. Fabulous! I would not have guess such a recycling was possible and beautiful.

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