Here’s another easy holiday craft, courtesy of DS2.

Our  elementary school has a Holiday Bazaar every year; the upper grade kids make crafts to sell for under $5, so that they can make/save money towards their big 6th grade trip .  Readers of my blog might remember the reusable grocery bags my older son made out of tee shirts to raise money for his trip.

This was the first year my younger son could sell his crafts.  He loves to sew with my machine (ooooh, machines…),  so he chose to make something using the machine:


His project was polar fleece scarves.  He worked very hard after school for several days to make 25 scarves– and he sold out!!

The scarves were simple to make– I cut the scarves 6″ wide selvage to selvage.  Then I spray basted 6″x5″ fleece rectangles in a contrasting color onto the edges (the spray baste made it easier for him to sew; I thought pins might create a problem… for my machine!!).  He used a zig zag stitch to attach the rectangle, then cut up the rectangle to create fringe.  A more experienced sewer might sew the “fringe” fabric onto the “scarf” fabric before cutting it all apart, but I thought this bulk might prove difficult for smaller hands.


I was kinda proud when he showed me his “cheat” (a term the kids use for shortcuts on their video games)– he figured out that if he folded the uncut fringe fabric in half, up towards the scarf fabric, he could cut the fringe in half the time.  Hmmm.  I’m gonna keep this boy around– he just might figure out some other useful sewing “cheats”!!


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3 responses to “Scarves

  1. What cool scarves! Tell your son he did good! And he sold out! Wow… I’ve never done that!

  2. You don’t know how much this has inspired me. i LOVE to sew and gave birth to two boys so I thought to myself “oh, well, I won’t be able to pass on my love of sewing.” I grew up with two sisters so i just figured that boys don’t care about sewing, but now I know they do!!!! Thanks so much, your son has motivated me to think about introducing sewing to them 9 not yet though, they are only 6 and 21 months.

    • Susan wrote: Nellie, I’m not sure the my son loves sewing– I think he just likes the machine! It is fun to make projects with them, although there is a distinct lack of glitter and bows around here….

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