What do other people do

We artists spend an unusual amount of angst on the (dis)organization of our studios! Do other fields worry about how messy their space is? For example, does Dr. History Professor worry about the number of book piles and papers leaning around his or her office?

I recently read a funny post (I’m so sorry– I don’t remember where I read it or I would credit the author.  If you know who this author is, please let us know!) regarding this topic.  Her solution was to create a sort of Artist’s Retirement Home.

I’m paraphrasing, but the idea was to get all of us together to live and create in one huge building with all of our stuff.  With a multitude of artists, everyone would be welcome to use anyone else’s stash/products. The hope was that some other artist would know how to use at least one of the mystery products you had to buy, but then promptly forgot how to use the product/what  project it was intended for/where you saw the product’s application.   What a great idea!  Sign me up!

The kicker of the post was, that even with all of the imagined space, we each would end up with only a 12″ x 12″ work space.

Yesterday, one of my fav customers and I were chatting on the phone, moaning about how busy we are, how much work the holidays are, especially with young children!  Yes, it is magical; yes, it is fun; yes, we are aware that the time with a young child is precious.  It’s also a mondo amount of WORK!!  As this lovely woman is coming over today to pick up a finished quilt, I laughingly–but dead-seriously– warned her about the state of my studio.

And then, we talked longingly about having more creative breathing space when our studio tables are at least semi-tidy.  And so, this blog post, which contains NO PHOTOS  DON’T EVEN ASK!!, is dedicated to a resolution:

Over the next week, I promise to spend 10 minutes EVERY DAY clearing or cleaning my space.  7 little days, 10 minutes.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!



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5 responses to “What do other people do

  1. Patty

    The pizza delivery guy came tonight and asked if we were moving in or out…. he was looking at my sewing room. Yes, there are alot of boxes sitting around and piles of stuff. It is the first room you see when you walk in the house. I’m also making things to go into a Art and Craft shop, and a gift shop. There are several quilts on the design walls, in the frame, and piles of fabric on the work table. And I’m at my happiest when I’m playing in there!! So let everyone else get over it!

  2. I really need to try the 10min a day thing. My work space is really a mess right now!

  3. Susan, I think it was someone on the yahoo group we both belong to that mentioned the Artist Retirement Home…..as for my cleaning habit…I start cleaning one thing, go to put it away then get caught up in something else. Not the best habit but I do finish the room…..eventually….just might take me 2/3 days!

  4. Susan…
    This post made me laugh right out loud this morning!! Especially because I was looking at a magazine…WHERE WOMEN CREATE…and the studios were all neat and clean and well organized…
    Almost to sterile for me!! LOL….I don’t believe mine would ever make a magazine with all the chaos that is going on in here!! LOL…but I usually can find just what I am looking for…UNLESS I clean it and then I have NO IDEA where anything is!! LOL…Ah…creativity at its best!!

  5. ps…Can’t even begin to tell you how many times per day I get compliments on the wonderful purse that I have of yours! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for your creativeness!!!

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