A Who in Who-ville

I feel like a Who in Who-ville:  I am here, I am here, I am here!!

I’ve been creating a little bit, here and there.  At the moment, I’m working on making a duvet cover for DS2’s room.  Not the most exciting project, but I have to work on something that allows me to jump back and forth between the studio and the house (to referee the kidlets, ya know).

I also quilted, but haven’t put together, a new Wild Onion Jacket.  This one is a wholecloth type jacket, with green polar fleece on one side and brown polar fleece on the other.  I was inspired by the beautiful fleece quilts my friend Randi makes.  The double layer of fleece really helps the quilting stitches pop.  The jacket has lots of texture, and it should prove to be a really wearable outer layer (as opposed to the jacket I made out of potato chip bags!).

Once I have the duvet cover and my jacket finished, I will turn my attention to working on some curtains for my bedroom.  This shouldn’t take very long, as I can use the longarm to sew the hems.  Sure beats shoving all that fabric through my Pfaff!

I have one more project stuck in mid-stream.  I made a long coat for DH to wear when he goes to Burning Man.  Unfortunately, the coat pulls on him in the back.  It isn’t too tight; he feels as if the coat is actually dragging on him from behind.  I am searching for a solution to this– if any of you are clothing sewers, may I beg you to email me privately and help me out?

I know this post should have photos!  But I felt like I hadn’t posted anything in so long, due to the holidays, and photos take longer to post than words!   I wanted to say a quick  “hello”, and I promise photos will be forthcoming!


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  1. I am looking forward to the fleece jacket pics!

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