Ear wax-ing poetic

Warning:  ick alert!

My boys got a weeeeeee for Christmas (oh.  yea.   joy all over.)   Today, DS2 showed me a chunk of ear wax that fell out of his ear because, as he tells the story, he was playing wii so hard.  That a chunk of wax fell out of his ear.
I am to keep said chunk (for future inspection?  for a new collection?  for a future museum dedicated to the boy?).

Did you even know that chunks of earwax could spontaneously fall from your ear (during strenuous activity, I mean)?  Are boys the grossest invention ever???



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6 responses to “Ear wax-ing poetic

  1. Wow. I don’t even remember that much grossness from my brothers and I had 3 of them.

  2. omigosh. the boys got ipods for christmas and after about 2 days, i was examining the headphones and EEEEUUUUWWWW.

  3. fiona

    At school, I had a friend who sneezed and a chunk of wax flew out and hit the classroom wall at high impact. Very impressive.

  4. Oh I laughed so hard when I read this :)) Thank goodness I had a girl, although they have their own traits I suppose. Better out than in as the saying goes LOL

  5. Yes, ma’am, boys are grosser than gross! Now, I want to see pictures of all that you’ve been creating! Pretty please?

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