End of the blog drought

It’s been so long since I’ve posted, and so I owe you all an apology.  I’ve been burned out, pure and simple.  My fourth grader had a huge project, complete with a California Mission model:


For those of you with sharper eyesight than mine, may I point out the Frankenstein-esque earthquake fault line artistically drawn to the right of the door?  This mission (Mission Santa Cruz) had a very bizarre history, which made for fun research for a 9 year old boy.  The mission flooded, then was hit by 3 earthquakes, was raided by a French pirate, and had its Padre hanged by the neophytes (not to get all political on you, since this is an art blog, but this is not the proudest moment in California history).  This last bit– plus the fact that the dead Padre received California’s first autopsy– really caught DS2’s attention.  Look closely at the tree behind the mission.  That’s a noose swinging on the tree.

And you wonder why I’m tired?

and then my sixth grader had a huge project for his science class.  He researched driving distractions (uh, that would be 4th and 6th graders, sitting in the backseat, wouldn’t it?) and was chosen to present his “findings” at the Ventura County Science fair.

And you know who had to keep everyone on task, don’t you?

Plus, customers quilts, track season started (this is a big deal in the Italo household, since Dad is a Master Track runner on Team USA.  Double that deal– Mom is the Secretary AND Treasurer of the Ojai team– hah!  top that, DH!), my mother moved to town for the winter, and I had my first lecture to a big guild in January.  Phew– I’m getting tired just remembering it all.

Let’s leave all the news behind for now.  Here’s some long overdue eye candy for you.

One of my fav customers is a prolific piecer.  She lives at the beach, and her color palette reflects the soothing nature of her surroundings– pale pinks, blues, greens, taupes, creams.  Recently, she brought me this whimsical tulip applique top.  She plans to give it to one of her girls, so I brought out the feminine feathered hearts and swirls:

I’ve never figured out how to photograph the whole quilt, so this small segment will have to do!

Below is a close up of the freehand feathered heart I quilted into each alternate block.  For you non-quilters, a plain unpieced/unapplique’d fabric square can be sewn in between the pieced/applique’d squares to highlight the overall pattern.  These plain squares are referred to as “alternate blocks”.  The heart:


Below is the swirly fill I did to highlight the tulip appliques.  I did stitch around the outside of the flower, as well as along the seam separating the two parts of the flower– this served to puff out the applique.  Quilters call this “faux trapunto”!


I have more photos to share, more news to tell, but for now, I’m off to make dinner!  Enjoy, and thanks for sticking with me through this blog drought!



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9 responses to “End of the blog drought

  1. I’ve been wondering where you were! Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back- that is some beautiful quilting.

  3. So glad to see that you are still alive! You have inspired me to post something on my blog this week. Keep up the good work, Mom.

  4. Whew, I was beginning to worry but I see you are going to be teaching at Quilting with Machines this Fall, BRAVO…. I am so glad to see you sharing your one of a kind Art…… I also want to thank you for the lovely note you sent to me when my Son died, I keep it close to read and re-read when the going gets tough, thanks Susan and good luck on your new journey…. Hugs

  5. Being a CA native with 2 boys, I remember well “the mission” projects. The “crack” cracked me up!!! I think this pink quilt is so sweet. Amazing workmanship.I got here from alteredartwear group and enjoyed visiting!

  6. Susan!! I was thinking of you… and here you are! Pretty quilt, love the heart feather and of course, we all want to see if you have any more reconstructed clothing to share?? Hugs, Carla

    PS: I still have your birthday present. LOL

  7. Doreen Kinkade

    Welcome back………missed you.
    Beautiful stitching on the quilt.

  8. Great balls of fire!!!! Fab post, keep them coming!

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