Romance in the garden (a quilt)

I take the photos.  Why do I procrastinate and not upload them for you?

Here’s some closeup photos of a recent customer quilt.  This is one of my more prolific quilters who enjoys softer beach-y colors.  This was from a pattern she called Romance in the Garden, although I can’t find any pattern online that looks quite like it (sorry!)


I chose to quilt whimsical feathers and fun spirals as the client is rather free spirited than traditional.  Had the fabric been more traditional, a background of crosshatching with formal quilt feather motifs would have been right at home on this quilt.

Close up of the applique block:


Close up of the feather block (the setting triangle is quite similar to this full version):




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14 responses to “Romance in the garden (a quilt)

  1. Beautiful, Susan! So soft and pretty

  2. Love the quilt and your quilting really amkes it shine.

  3. Lovely feathers and swirls.

  4. I love it when you do share them…your quilting is lovely!

  5. Such a lovely quilt, Susan! I have the pattern from The Vintage Spool. Title is Romance in Bloom, No. 122. Contact on pattern is

  6. What a sweet quilt. The quilting is beautiful and it must have been a restful break to work on something so girly.

  7. Love that swirly fill. It reminds me of the swirl you see looking into a rose bud. Lovely.

  8. Love the swirly fill. It reminds me of looking into the swirl of a rosebud.

  9. Lovely, my dear friend! You know how I am about girly quilts. Makes me want to cozy up and watch a movie. Your quilting is perfect for it!

  10. How beautiful! Thanks for showing it to us.

  11. Lovely quilt, and your quilting really adds to the appeal. Beautifil job!

  12. It is so soft and pretty!

  13. Susan, I love your quilting on this!

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