Coopworth yarn

My friend Lora Martin commented that my recent posts about spinning don’t seem to be written in English!  Very funny, chicken lady.  Heretofore (there’s a good English vocabulary word for ya!) this blog will be interspersed with fibery posts that feature words like rolag,  polwarth, and, my personal favorite, niddy-noddy.  Hopefully, my quilting readers will play along, if only for the amusement of what I have planned for the summer.  And perhaps, I might even entertain some new spinny friends, as well.
Lora, you can opt out, but remember, I know where you live!

Here are some photos of what happens when you are new to spinning and you buy a bag of unknown fiber:


I was so proud of myself!  I spun and I spun and I spun.   I decided to ply the single with some commercial cotton boucle, and I am pleased with the end result.  I know that the yarn is thick and thin, but I prefer that look (although I will ‘fess up that I couldn’t do it any other way!)

Once I finished spinning and plying, I skeined the yarn on my niddy-noddy.  Then, I soaked the  skeins in hot water, whacked them upside the head against a table (that could be my favorite part of all, and worth learning how to spin…)

Here’s a close up of my finished yarn:


One thing about skeining on a niddy-noddy (notice I use that word as often as possible?  I love that word!) is that you can easily figure  your yardage.   I ended up with so much yarn (I thought).  Visions of a sweater danced through my head.  I ended up with about 300 yards.

And while that sounds like a lot of spinning, if you know about knitting (which I don’t… yet….) that’s about enough to knit a sleeve.


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  1. I understood every word! Thanks so much and, I believe everyone should use the term niddy-noddy as often as possible. I’m going to start today.

    See you later! Niddy-Noddy

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