All over quilting design

Just a quick quilting post. I have a new customer (hi Karen!) who lives in another state, and although we haven’t met in person, we seem to be in sync with our quilting. She has allowed me to do whatever I feel is right for the quilt at hand, which is a wonderful relationship to have between piecer and quilter! I feel that this brings out the best in the quilt. If you have a longarm quilter that you trust in this way, you are very lucky– like Karen! I know! I’m so modest!!

Recently, Karen sent me a quilt that she made “just because”. She didn’t want high end quilting on this, and I agreed that the piecing design didn’t warrant custom quilting– you know, heirloom feathers, stitch in the ditch, tiny pebbled backgrounds. However, the fabric was so interesting and modern, that I felt the need to get a little artsier than a standard all-over quilting design. I thought it might be interesting to show you how I decided to handle an artsier all-over quilting design.

It was a challenge to photograph the quilt, so bear with me while I describe the quilting. Photos follow!

I visually split the quilt in half diagonally, with some loose serpentine lines flowing from the top right side (just down from the corner) all the way down to the bottom left corner. Then I quilted a baroque swirl (from Jamie Wallen) in the top portion, and a pond meander in the bottom portion.

Baroque meander

Pond meander


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