alpaca shearing day

With my newfound interest in spinning flying out of control, I took a trip up to an alpaca farm to watch the spring shearing.

alpaca gang

I couldn’t get over how adorable the animals are– I had to keep reminding myself that I could NOT fit a couple in my minivan!

alpaca pair

I was glad I didn’t have my youngest with me– I had visions of him bringing an alpaca through the house, into his room to watch tv! Ironically, on one of my lists, a woman shared that very same scenario– she returned from an errand to find a sheep sitting with her child watching cartoons together.

The shearing itself was very interesting and humane. The alpaca is backed between an upright table and padded metal harness, the table is flipped sideways so that the table is now upright and the animal is lying on his/her side.

alpaca shearing 1alpaca shearing 2alpaca shearing 3

The animals legs are strapped to prevent kicking, and there was always someone petting the alpaca’s head, making soothing noises to calm him/her. It was over really fast, and the alpaca seemed happier to be free of all that hot wool!

alpaca sheared

I bought a fleece to bring home as a souvenir. It’s all washed and silky clean. I brought some over to my spinning friend as a thank you, but ended up carding it into a batt and bringing it home. I’m terrible!! I’ll bring her more, promise!



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3 responses to “alpaca shearing day

  1. I would so love to be an Alpaca farmer! Aren’t they just the cutest? And after I read about them in the UP issue that had the batting comparisons, it sounded even better. Really neat animals.

  2. They are so cute. They have lovely head, in addition to their wool, of course.
    I like their hairdo after the shearing too.

  3. The alpaca are way too cute to resist. I’ve seen your yard, you have room for a couple of the little dears.

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