how would you quilt this? Leaves!

One of my quilting customers recently gave me several colorways of this quilt:

Green block quilt full view front

Many thanks to my boys for standing on a chair, holding the quilt so that I could get an overall photo, instead of only the close ups I have been taking while the quilt is still on my machine!  I figured wavy, wobbly quilts were better than no overall photo at all!

Because the piecing and the blocks are simple, the client chose to focus her creative energy on playing with color and texture.  You may remember this same pattern from a previous post :

Baroque meander

It has been fun and challenging to quilt several of these tops for the same customer;  she allows me complete artistic freedom, and I wanted to give her back quilts with quilting she couldn’t get from anyone else, while keeping each quilt different from the other!

These quilts called for an interesting all-over type quilting.  You may remember that the first of these quilt tops received two different all over motifs, separated diagonally on the quilt.  Had I known I could coerce children into becoming quilt-hangers, I would have taken an overall of this quilt to show you the effect.

For today’s green, leafy quilt, I first thought I would do one of Suzanne’s Magical Meanderings with a leaf motif.  I decided to save that design for the next quilt top!  Instead, I chose to quilt leafy vines running within each row of blocks.  Here’s a photo of the back, because that’s where the quilting shows up the best:

Green block quilt leaf vine 1

The backing fabric is the same soft, lustrous seafoam green.  I don’t know how this looks on your computer screen, but mine isn’t doing the beautiful fabric choice justice!

I love leaves, and had a wonderful time quilting this.  I find it an interesting creative stretch to be given the same quilt top several times– it’s my own version of the “how would you quilt this” show!



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2 responses to “how would you quilt this? Leaves!

  1. Freda Henderson

    Gorgeous Susan.

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