Beach house quilt

I recently quilted this fun beach house quilt for a woman who lives… at the beach!

Beach quilt full view front(wavy, wobbly quilt photo courtesy of DS2)

I was inspired to add little surprised to each house, in the form of doorknobs, roof tiles, climbing vines, or flower beds:

Beach house red with swirls

The green sashing strips became grass lawns:

Beach house purple with grass

and the Milky Way-ve piecing at the bottom got foamy whirlpools of watery quilting (hmmm, which I’ve cut off– so you’ll have to imagine it!):

Beach quilt cabana and ocean

Surf’s up, dude!



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6 responses to “Beach house quilt

  1. That looks like is was fun to quilt!

  2. Adorable … I love all things Ocean. Would you ask her where she found the pattern … I want it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is too cute, Susan! Good to see you quilting!!

  4. Freda Henderson


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