Fishing quilt

One of my customers has the most whimsical sense of style!  Her name is Roxanne Barbieri– you will want to remember that, because she is being urged right and left to publish her patterns.  I am a very vocal member of her fan club, and I’m sure she feels battered and bruised after a visit to my studio, what with all my cheering and pushing to publish!

Here is a quilt I recently finished for her, based on her husband and grandson’s recent fishing trip.  Please note that the skewed prospective has everything to do with the fact that the quilt was still loaded on my longarm when I took the photograph.  In real life, this pictorial quilt is square and has true perspective:

Roxanne full view fishing quilt

Here is a close up of the fishy quilting texture:

Roxanne fish close upI love quilting fish, and feature a lot of fish in my own collage work, so this was quite fun for me to work on!  You can see that I quilted the outline of the people parts, and where Roxanne had used pen to outline fingernails, noses, eyes, etc, I quilted over the pen using a charcoal thin thread, to add texture to the features.

Here’s a photo of the 2 guys.  I’ve quilted texture into their clothing, but outlined the faces and hands.  The extra definition in the ears, especially, gave life to the grandfather/grandson team:

Roxanne man and boy close

This was such fun to quilt!  I always enjoy Roxanne’s quilts– she has a very interesting point of view, and the figures and text are always full of positive feelings.  Wouldn’t you love to find her patterns or books in your LQS soon?!!


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