where in the world is Susan?

I know, I know.  I’m way behind in the blogging department.  Here’s my laundry list of why:

  • I was on a family vacation for over 2 weeks.  2 kids, 3 states, 4 suitcases.
  • I have 3 upcoming shows (2 with Fibervision, 1 that I will hopefully get juried into at the Ventura County Museum of Art).
  • I have been writing an article for Machine Quilting magazine about one of my art techniques.
  • I am being e-interviewed by the blog arm of Wardrobe Refashion (well, I’m actually being e-interviewed by a live person, not a blog…)
  • I am getting samples and hand-outs ready for the classes I’m teaching in October at Quilting with Machines.
  • I’m working with Holly Knott on designing my pitiful website into something wonderful.
  • I’m writing 2 new Wild Onion patterns.

And of course, with all those vacation suitcases comes laundry, and lots of it!

Yes, this does sound like a boast-y brag-gy post!  I apologize for that, and rest assured that one or more or all of my friends will be cutting me back down to size.

Photos in the next post, promise!


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One response to “where in the world is Susan?

  1. That doesn’t sound braggy, sister, that sounds busy!

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