Growing pains

At my great age, you’d think I’d be finished with growing pains!  But the ones I refer to  have to do with my business, not my bod.

I have been quiet online because I’ve been so crazed busy behind the scenes.  I am working with Holly Knott, who is hard at work designing my new website.  I got a sneak peek at the home page this morning, and let me tell you, it’s going to be really pretty and sophisticated.  Even though Holly is doing all the hard part (including trying to work with a client stuck in the analog age– we think my techno skills are stuck pre-1990), there was a ton of writing and photography to get to Holly before she could wave her magic computer wand.

Once I got the info and photos on a disk to Holly (oh yeah!  I burned a CD.  I’m so hip.  So knowledgeable.  So very very behind the times.) I turned my attention to my studio.

I am teaching 6 classes at Quilting with Machines in Ohio this October, and I want to have lots and lots of samples to show the students!  Will you be a student?  You will have lots of eye candy!

In addition to a Wild Onion Jacket Fashion show, featuring lots of new, never before seen jackets, as well as lots of interesting commentary by yours truly (well, most of the commentary will be interesting. Some is funny, and some will provide you with fodder to use against me in the future), I will be teaching several art technique classes.

For example, here’s a sneak peek at my Trapped Fiber™ class:

blue silk

I promise to post some more info about the classes!  I will be teaching some exciting new techniques that you can use in your traditional quilts as well as your art quilts.  Or, you could use the techniques in your wearable art– handbags, anyone?


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