Another year

It’s DS1’s b-day today– he’s freakin’ TWELVE!!!  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I had  beginning labor pains?  I remember lying over the ironing board trying to get comfortable.  Lucky for me it happened on August 6 and not the next day, since my surgeon was leaving later that evening for vacation!  I remember DH flying into the OR, pulling on his gown and mask, while I was yelling “wait wait, DH is not here yet” (he had to park the damn car!)  Fun times, fun times.

Today, instead of lying strapped to a gurney in the OR,  I’ll be the main sherpa at the County Fair, while the boys go on ride after ride, competing to see who vomits first.
Fried twinkie, anyone?

AAI eating messy


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  1. Susan, he is adorable!! The time goes by so fast, too. I think I will pass on the fried twinkies though. LOL

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