I have had Photoshop loaded onto my computer for almost a year.  I thought it was high time I spent a morning learning about the application!

I fooled around with adding text onto a photo– useful?  Maybe… Oddly, I think the addition of my name blends into the art collage itself.  I think it looks kind of interesting there… I wonder if I should start putting my dress labels onto the outside of my work?!

Here’s a photo example of one of my art collages that I will be teaching at Quilting with Machines. In this class, I will show you how to use fabric images, such as printed leaves and figures, as well as your own shapes to create a fiber collage suitable for a wall hanging.  You could even create a collage and add it to the back of a jacket or shirt, or even a tote, to create something beautiful as well as useful!  I have been working with fabric collage for several years, and I have lots of useful tips and techniques to share!  I especially love using the longarm for this type of work, but I started working with fabric collage while I was using my Pfaff, so I have lots of tricks up my sleeve using a conventional machine, too!

new art collage with text blog

Wow, it only took me an hour to figure it all out!  Hopefully, the next photos will be faster to edit!


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