weaving with fabric and a sewing machine

I’ve never really gotten the hang of using a traditional weaving loom.  I always get mixed up with my thread paths, and before I can figure out how to get a rhythm going, I get bored and move on to something else.

green fabric weaving blogHowever, I have discovered that weaving with your sewing machine is the bomb!!  I love this technique so much– I’ve been working with it for almost a year, and I’m doing all kinds of interesting things.  Once I finish one project, I have ideas for several more, and off I go!

woven black tee bag blog

I will be teaching the technique at Quilting with Machines, in Ohio this October.  I will be sharing tips, techniques, and enthusiasm– and plenty of samples, samples, samples!  Won’t you join me?  I’d  love to get you all addicted to more fibery ways!! (evil grin!)



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2 responses to “weaving with fabric and a sewing machine

  1. I’m working on my class list now and you’re making it awfully tempting!

    See you there!

  2. Oh I like this weaving technique!
    Susan wrote: Thanks Penny! I am so inspired by this technique, too! I wore a woven vest to my Wearable Arts guild yesterday, and had lots of great feedback!

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