A short week

This week zoomed by in a flurry of sewing, school, and computering!

It’s hot here (105 yesterday, 108 today.  But it’s a dry heat.  And you know, they say it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.  Right.)  I’ve been getting up early to catch the cooler hours in my studio.  I’ve been creating a memory quilt for a customer– I’ll share photos soon!

School started, which means my day is now quieter but broken up with children’s neeeeeds.  I neeeeeed you to pick me up.  I neeeeeeed more pencils.  Check me later, bub, Mommy neeeeeeeds a glass of wine.  Not whine.

And all the computering?  That’s the grande finale of the summertime’s computer project– a brand new website, courtesy of the patient and kind (if she’s laughing at me, I can’t tell!  helps that she’s on the other coast) Holly Knott.  All will be revealed sooner rather than later— it looks fantastic, so far!


Check back tomorrow, when I post photos of the craziness that will happen this weekend chez Wild Onion:  Burning Man departure and another dye day!


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