Burning Man Wild Onion Coat

It’s Burning Man day at the Wild Onion house.  Preparation for DH’s annual adventure begins right after his track season ends (plea for sympathy:  there are 2 seasons in my house:  Track and Burning Man.)

DH and his BM buddies set up their “camp”, which is  a white geodesic dome flanked by 2 side extensions, and unpack all of their supplies in our backyard prior to packing their truck.  This is smart on their part, because they avoid any nasty surprises once they hit the desert where there are no supplies.  It makes for an interesting backyard:

Burning Man tent

The interior of the dome is for sleeping and clothing storage.  The “living room” is to the right.  There are layers of oriental carpets on the “floor”, red brocade curtains layered on the “walls”, Moorish lanterns hanging, and piles of velvet and brocade pillows for lounging.

If you know anyone who goes to Burning Man, ask them if they know the Pancake Man– that’s DH. Every year, he brings a grill and makes pancakes to hand out in the morning.  He makes over 1,200 by the end of the week!   Yum!

Everyone at Burning Man wears wild outfits.  Since it’s cold at night in the desert, I decided to surprise DH with a special coat.  Here’s hoping he’s the Belle of the Ball:

Burning Man coat front full

Burning Man coat front close up

This is a longer version of the Wild Onion Jacket!  I modified it in length, and added a stand up collar, to give it a Mad Max-look.  It is quilted and lined, with one hand carved wooden button to close the front against the wind.

I am continually amazed that I created such a great pattern (if I do say so myself).  Can you believe that I could make a man’s coat with the Wild Onion Jacket pattern?!  Excuse me while I pat myself on the back!

I have been collecting African waxcloth fabric for several years.  Michele T. brought me some aboriginal fabric from Australia when she visited a few summers ago.  The colors and patterns mixed well together, and I’m very pleased with the result.

Here’s the back:

Burning Man coat back full

Burning Man coat back close up

I know!  It’s beautiful!  No, I didn’t applique that tree; it was a wall hanging I bought at a store in Santa Barbara, with the idea of using it in a jacket.  I was astonished at how well the colors and the size  of the wall hanging meshed with the other fabrics of the Burning Man coat!  Wait, now I have to pat me on my back again!!

Tomorrow is dye day!  Check back for some more eye candy in a few days!  Although, it’s supposed to be really really hot here– so the photos might also contain melting artists…



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11 responses to “Burning Man Wild Onion Coat

  1. Stumbled to your blog from the Complex Cloth list and I must say that this coat is gorgeous!

  2. He’s going to be the coolest man burning!

  3. carolkimble

    Beautiful coat – I love it!

  4. As much as we talked about this coat while you worked on it, I could never quite picture it in my head. It is cooler than cool! I’m sure it looks great on your burning man!

  5. carie

    Your man will look “hot” in his burning man coat. It’s awesome!

  6. Gorgeous! Not too elegant for burning man?

  7. What a fantastic, coat! Your pattern is truly brilliant, so go ahead and pat yourself again.
    Burning Man sounds like a wonderful experience, and if I ever go I will look for the pancake man!

  8. todd

    what kind of a man would wear a jacket like that!!!!!

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