Di Liberta, a collaged fabric face

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of books dealing with disenfranchised women.  Free speech is a powerful freedom, and without it, life becomes harsh and dangerous.

With this weighing on my mind, not to mention in my studio (I’m working on a large wall hanging that seems to be about the lack of free speech… although it started out as a light-hearted exercise in color) I thought I’d take a break, shake out the heavy thoughts, and re-fashion a fun tee shirt to make me giggle:

Di Liberta tee shirt collage face

Um.  Not giggling yet.  Love it, but Susan?  It’s another woman without free speech.  Notice the “X” over her mouth?

Fish almost always represent freedom or flight to me, so in this context, I’m pretty sure the flying fish represents her thoughts flying free, even as her words are locked away.


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  1. I can think of so many things when I see this quilt! I think there could be a series in this.

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