Solar dyed wool fiber for spinning or felting or Trapped Fiber

If you have friended me on Crackbook, you are aware that I have been consumed with the heat index in my neck of the woods.  It has been over 100 for almost 2 weeks, and I am one cranky grouch!

Always one to see the silver lining (HA!) I decided to use the wall of heat outside my door, and try my hand at solar dyeing.  When dyeing protein fibers, like wool, you need an acid dye (this just means that with the specific acid dye powders, you use vinegar instead of soda ash, to change the pH.)  Plus you need a heat source.  Got that, and plenty of it.

Here are the results of solar dyeing, in jars (the fiber is CVM– from California Variegated Mutant sheep.  Oh yeah!):

solar dyeing in jarsolar dye CVM blue greensolar dye cvm greensolar dye cvm pink purplesolar dye cvm red orangeRoving hand dye



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4 responses to “Solar dyed wool fiber for spinning or felting or Trapped Fiber

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! The colors are soooo yummy.

    Susan wrote: thanks, Doreen! They are just glowing in real life!

  2. You made some fine lemonade there!

    Susan wrote: oooh, lemonade. That would’ve cooled me off in the hot hot hot heat!

  3. carie

    Pretty colors Susan. I tried to dye some wool roving for my sister and I just used my dyes I have to dye cotton (fiber reactive). No wonder they turned out pale. I really like the vibrancy of your wool.

  4. I saw your post on spin-list this morning. Beautiful dyeing! What dyes did you use to get the blue/green color? Was it all in one jar or did you do the colors separately?


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