Interview in Wardrobe Refashion blog!

I have been interviewed!!  Click here for the interview!!

In the midst of working on my classes for Quilting with Machines, I was also  interviewed for Wardrobe Refashion!

Wardrobe Refashion is an online community of fashionistas who pledge to sew or refashion their clothing for a set period of time.  The list owner, Nichola Prested, is based in Australia, but the community is world-wide, and very active.  Even if you don’t plan to sew any clothing, it’s a pretty inspirational site, and might give you some good ideas for your own work!

Back to me?  OK!  I was tapped for an interview this summer, and have been uncharacteristically mum about it– oooh, mysterious!  Anyway, the interview is up, and it’s full of photos and information about me and my refashioning.  Geesh, I hope my head fits through the door– I need to get back into my studio!!


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One response to “Interview in Wardrobe Refashion blog!

  1. Awesome, Susan! They couldn’t have interviewed a better refashionista! Congratulations on the much deserved recognition!

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