Memory quilt tutorial part 2

After several weeks of staring at the bag of dresses, wondering how to work with these precious fabrics so that the end result was pleasing, I decided to treat them as I would a scrap quilt; that is, instead of trying to view the fabrics as a collection, I would view the fabrics as scraps of bright colors.

I chose a dark green fabric with very little pattern to serve as my dark background and sashing fabric, and the gauze dress fabric would serve as my light background.  I decided to use a quilt pattern with lots of smaller pieces; that way, the unrelated colors/themes of the dress fabric would be scattered throughout the entire quilt top.  In this way, I was able to make the dress fabrics support each other, instead of fight with each other.

After looking through quilt books and my own quilts,  the customer decided that she liked my Baskets quilt the best.  I played around with the setting, and came up with a center of basket blocks, surrounded by a variation of Irish Chain blocks.  Received a thumbs-up from the customer, and  began ironing fusible stabilizer to the back of the gauze dresses to give them enough strength to withstand being used in a quilt!


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  1. very nice, thanks, i like your article

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