Memory quilt tutorial part 4

Now that the Irish Chain blocks are ready to go, I turn my attention to the alternate block for the Irish Chain blocks, which would be a Square in a Square block (SNS).

For these blocks, I used the lighter colored dresses, and in case you were wondering, the gauze dresses with the fusible stabilizer worked like a dream!  I was really happy with them, and so glad I could feature them so prominently as the customer had asked for them specifically.

One of my most favorite piecing tools is Jodi Barrows’ Square in a Square ruler, and out it came to make short and precise order of all these blocks:

Here you see all the components– the gauze dress fabric, the strips of dark green which will become the outer corners of the SNS blocks, the ruler, and the instruction book.

Leticia SNS blocks

At the bottom of the photo, you see the ladder-like piecing, which is how you chain piece SNS blocks, the Jodi Barrows-way!  With a few twists of the ruler and some judicious and simple cutting, you end up with perfect SNS blocks.  Love love love this ruler!


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