Memory quilt tutorial part 5

Put on your big girl panties, ’cause it’s time to make some basket blocks!  I chose a fairly simple basket to make, as basket blocks go.

My original background fabric was a cream colored floral that the customer had pulled from my stash.  She loved that fabric, and I made  all 4 basket blocks using it as the background.

Leticia basket blocks without floating corners

I chose some of the more graphic dress fabric to serve as the basket itself, and some floral dress fabric to serve as the “flowers” in the basket.

I decided to float the baskets in the dark green background, in order to make this center portion the right size for the rest of the quilts.  Blocks on point are odd sizes, and I needed some way to make these 4 blocks fit into the center of the quilt.  This is an elegant solution to size control, akin to “coping strips” in a scrap quilt.

Leticia floating basket block background

I got all four baskets finished and sewn into their outer green corners…

When I put them up on the design wall, the cream tone wreaked havoc with the white of the gauze dresses.  Since it was all about the gauze, I gnashed my teeth, and remade the baskets, substituting the very last bits of gauze for the background.  In the end, I knew it was the right decision.

But it was a lot of extra work!!


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  1. What a treasure this is going to be!

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