Home again

I am home from teaching at Quilting with Machines, tired but exilerated! What a terrific experience; the show is packed with wonderful classes, terrific teachers (ahem!) and lots of interesting vendors. I overheard that next year, there will be quilts on exhibit, too.

I did not even take my camera out, I was so busy teaching, chatting, and laughing, so this is a text post only!

The best part of the show: hanging out with online buddies and catching up with in-person friends that I don’t get to see nearly often enough!

like: meeting Gayle McKay in person, after years of online chatting! We spent all afternoon and evening chatting about our lives and our twin brains!

Ditto Judy Whitehead (sodypop!) and her friends, Sherry and Kim. We spent a hilarious dinner together, and I got to hear Judy giggling throughout two of my classes. Good thing she was giggling, since I was using her as an example in class. A good example, of course. I am the only bad example. Well, and Suzanne.

I got to spend an evening sharing a table with Renae Haddadin, who I haven’t seen in person in a while. Keeping in touch via e-mail is good, but it’s better to hug in person. She scooted out of town while I was in class– bye Renae! See you soon, I hope!

There was another best part, too! I got to spend lots of time with Jamie Whallen and his sister Sandy, and my other bad example buddy, Suzanne Earley. I miss you already! Come to California, it’s cold over by you and I fear that the snow reports are gonna start up again from Iowa….

I met a lot of other wonderful new friends, and had an absolute ball teaching my techniques. It is thrilling to watch other quilters as the lightbulbs in their heads start popping on, and then the wheels start spinning faster and faster. I can’t wait to see what interesting things come out of my classes– I know I came away with some new ideas of my own! If you were in any of my classes, please please please can I see what you’re doing? It’s just so much fun to share!

Anyway, laundry duty calls. I hope to get the opportunity to go back to Quilting with Machines again, and I will certainly start sending out proposals to other shows, as well. If you have an opportunity to visit a quilt show, please do. Ideas are all around, and you never know who you’ll meet!


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  1. Giggling? I was giggling? LOL It was great to finally meet you in PERSON!!!!! (and I’m sitting here chuckling….well maybe giggling….as I’m writing this).

    Susan wrote: guffawing? roaring? I am awfully funny…..

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