Memory quilt tutorial part 7

Thanks for sticking with me!  The quilt parts are all finished, and now it’s time to put it all up on the design wall and start sewing it all together.  Cross your fingers that all the blocks play together nicely!

See how adding the floating dark green corners helped create an easier-to-use sized block?  The on-point Baskets fit beautifully (and without lots of hard math and icky fractions) with the conventionally sized flying geese blocks.  The extra bit of dark green gets absorbed into the background of the flying geese blocks.
Leticia center basket panel

Once all the Irish Chain and Square in a Square blocks are sewn together, it’s time to start thinking about final borders.  My feeling is that the interior of the quilt is busy enough to call for simpler borders.  But since I have limited dress fabric remaining, I will cut lengths from whatever dress fabric I have left, and sew these lengths together to create a simple but colorful border.  I think I want to give the blocks some breathing room from the colorful border, so I audition the border with some dark green strips:

Leticia auditioning border


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