Memory Quilt revealed

It’s time to reveal the finished memory quilt!  It took me months of standing and staring, calculations, deep breaths, and actual sewing time to create this special quilt.  This isn’t a show-stopper, or a ribbon winner. Initially, I rolled my eyes in despair at the mix of fabric prints I had to work with.  I admit to saying some not nice words when I had to completely re-make those Basket blocks.

However, in the end, I believe that I created the best quilt that these fabrics–unrelated by color,theme,scale,print– could be.  The lesson I learned?  The fabrics might not have been pulled from a quilt shop, they might not have been designed as a fancy collection to be shown off in a glossy magazine.  But they were chosen with love by a grandmother for her beloved granddaughters.  The dresses were kept and cared for by a mother, and entrusted to me to create a gift that would bring the fabrics full circle back to the grandmother, as a special gift of the heart on her special day:

Leticia quilt finished



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5 responses to “Memory Quilt revealed

  1. Freda

    Susan, I have followed your trip with the clothes and you have created a wonderful keepsake. The quilt turned out great and your client will love it.

  2. What a beautiful quilt! I know it will be cherished for generations!

  3. Susan, you did a truly awesome job on this. What a treasure for the family.

  4. love it. I love scrappy quilts. This is sooo cool.

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