Preparations for teaching quilting classes

I recently returned from Quilting with Machines, a quilting conference in Ohio. I taught 5 art technique classes (well, 4, plus one fashion show featuring my Wild Onion Jackets). This was the first time I taught nationally, and the first time I had to fly all my “stuff” to the location.

Most of the time, when you read about teacher’s classes, you get eye candy with samples, or blurbs about the class itself. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Read on, intrepid blog-reader, read on….

I go overboard. I admit that. My kids admit that. My husband admits that. I even got a phone call about a month prior to the show from my friend Jamie Wallen, telling me that I was going overboard… and he lives halfway across the country! (how did he know???!!) But listen– do you want a teacher who is really super-prepared with lots of samples or do you want a teacher who just rolled out of bed? hah!

Side note on the rolling out of bed comment… due to early morning classes in Ohio (Eastern Time) and my home in California (Pacific Time), I also prepared by rolling myself out of bed every morning at 4:30am for a month prior to the show… so I would be bright and chipper at what was, for me, a 5am class!!

So, back to the preparations chez Wild Onion Studio:

hand dyed fabric anyone? Here’s what it takes to dye 30 yards of fabric:

Here are 30 yards of fabric, washed, ironed, ready for labels:

And because I am a list-maker of the first order, here is the back wall of my studio, with what my kids were calling the “War map”. The War Map? It’s a paper graph of the 2 weeks prior to my “box shipping day”, listing everything I had to do and what day I had to do it.

Obsessive? Or super duper prepared. You be the judge!



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2 responses to “Preparations for teaching quilting classes

  1. Super prepared for sure!

  2. myolivebranch

    you may be over prepared but you are soooo right in what i prefer in a teacher! i took a class and a lecture once from a teacher that is kind of known for her zany- pull it together at the last minute style. was i ever disappointed. it may make for a good read afterwards but it was uninspiring to experience!

    i need a war map for my life in general!

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