Painted shoes

You know what a shoe hound I am. Guess what? I went to a Wearable Art Connection lecture by Margot Silk Forrest, and learned that you can PAINT your shoes. Oh my, I am in heaven!

I started with a pair of pale lilac Tevas. Comfy, but blah. Got hold of some bright metallic purple paint and looky what I did:

I’ve worn them several times, and there’s no evidence of scuffing or wear. I ventured off to another pair of Simple slip on’s, painted metallic aqua, with accents of royal blue:

Last, I had a pair of high heeled slip ons in a wonderful shape. After much deliberation, I decided to paint them an oxblood color, with deep purple heels which you can’t see unless your nose to heel with them:

Up next on the shoe painting roster is a pair of lace up work boots. I’m planning to do some fancy brush-work with those. For almost 15 years, I have regretted not buying a pair of black workboots with flowers painted on them. Now, I can make my own!

If you are interested in painting shoes or handbags, Margot has a book out called Sassy Feet, in which she generously shares all her tips and techniques. I really appreciate the fact that she also talks about the brands of products she prefers, because I could buy the right paint without having to do all the experimenting myself! Thanks for a great read, Margot!

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!!



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4 responses to “Painted shoes

  1. Well, look at those! Cool!

  2. Oh thank God, because I just bought the fugliest shoes yesterday, but they are soooo comfortable!!

  3. Brian

    I Love the Teva’s!

  4. Kara

    That is so cool! What kind of paint do you use?

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