Secret Santa

The Wild Onion family now has a new tradition:  Secret Santa dinner!

The way it works:  the night before Christmas Eve, someone in the family decides to have the family participate in a Secret Santa exchange.  In our case, it was my 10 year old, who has never had to brave holiday traffic, nor go to the same store every day for a week, each time forgetting to buy that “one more thing” that will make the holidays complete.   Write everyone’s name on a slip of paper, put the papers into one of Mrs. Wild Onion’s cosmetic bags, and walk around the house, announcing that it’s picking time.  Try to grab the slip of paper before it gets added back to the cosmetic bag.  Hilarity ensues when some people furtively read the name on the paper, then quickly shove it back into the bag for extra secrecy.  Appeal to Mr. Onion for verification that no one picked themselves (altho Mrs. Onion was kind of hoping for herself.  She’s a very good shopper, and would be certain to buy just the right thing….)

Once the drama of picking time has ended, shopping time begins.  During a thrifting session, I found this tee:

Perfect for my recipient, the ever popular Playa Pancake Man, who serves hundreds of pancakes to hungry Burning Man attendees.

Wrap it up and maintain secrecy until after dinner on Christmas Eve.

Youngest Onion gave his recipient an entire cheesecake,

which I thought was pretty clever.  He thought of the gift all by himself, and since his brother loves cheesecake above all else save chicken noodle soup, it was an extremely thoughtful gift!  His Secret Santa gave him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant, where many a Sunday is spent watching the Steelers and eating burgers.

Finally, I received a promissory note for some hand dyed roving (not yarn, but it will be!), which thrills me no end!

We have re-arranged our Christmas traditions just a bit this year.  We have steak and tamales for Christmas Eve dinner, and have substituted “Ed’s Pasta” for Christmas day dinner (and lunch, and maybe even breakfast, as it is a much loved Onion family favorite!)

And now, a new tradition enters our home, via the littlest Onion:  the Secret Santa gift exchange, held post dinner on Christmas Eve.  We love it!



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3 responses to “Secret Santa

  1. What a fun idea! Great memories for you, too. Merry Christmas, Onions!!

  2. Lora

    Too much fun!! I wonder if this would work for me and Jim? Hope y’all have had the happiest merriest holiday.

  3. Cindy

    I’m so glad your story had a happy ending :)–I was rooting for you to get roving. What a great new tradition! I’ll have to remember this for when my boys get old enough. (Cindy from the Insubordiknit workshop)

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