Wild Onion Jacket donation to Doctors without Borders for Haiti

The devastation to Haiti is unimaginable to most of us, the Wild Onion household included.  As an artist, I have racked my brain trying to figure out what to do to help.  After 911, I made 10 quilts to send to various agencies to comfort those affected.  For the people of Haiti, it seems to me that what is needed is medical attention.

I am offering an original Wild Onion Jacket, with the  entire proceeds to be donated to Doctors Without Borders.  If you would like to buy this jacket for $175, please email me.  I will accept a check, made out to “Doctors Without Borders” in the amount of $175.  I will pay the shipping to you.  We all win– you get to donate to a worthy cause, and so, in a way, do I.  Plus, you get an original Wild Onion Jacket to wear or give as a gift!

Here are the specifics:  this is an original Wild Onion Jacket, created with love from 100% cotton fabrics, quilted with 80% cotton, 20% poly batting for warmth, stability and cuddliness.  The easy fit jacket is a size Medium, fitting a size 8 – small 14; the length is upper thigh, to cover the derriere.  Machine wash and dry– how easy is that!


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