Wild Onion Rules!

Tha’s right!  I rool!

I neglected my blog for so long, I forgot to tell y’all the fun I had lecturing at the Ventura Handweaving and Spinning Guild.  It was pretty interesting to present my sewing/quilting wearables to weavers/spinners.

I tried to tailor my talk for them, by discussing the various ways to bring other crafts and art techniques into your work (as opposed to my current lecture which focuses on, well, sewing and quilting!).  Everyone seemed to have fun, and I was especially touched that 2 of my spinning friends from up north drove down to see me!  Hi Michelle!  Hi Felicia!

They brought me flowers and a hand-drawn sign that got held up whenever something they particularly liked went down the aisle.  It said:  Wild Onion Rules! and was drawn for me by Felicia’s graphic-artist-fiance!  Thanks Felicia’s Fiance– you rule, too!  Nice wife-2-be, btw!

It cracked me up everytime I saw it (might have been that Michelle was sitting directly in my line of vision).  Luckily, the guild is a friendly group, and everyone was up for fun and giggles.

The flowers have remained fresh and beautiful in my hallway, while the sign has been posted prominently in my studio, just in case I forget that I rule!



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2 responses to “Wild Onion Rules!

  1. It’s good to be the queen!

  2. Diva of the day- how wonderful!

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