While we’re talking spinning talk, I have to tell you about a fun day I spent with my spinning group a couple of weeks ago.  Janice, a L.A. based Spinolution spinning wheel dealer, drove up to visit with us.  She brought her band of spinning wheels, and we all spent the afternoon jumping from wheel to wheel.

While they are all nice wheels, everyone soon settled down with their favorites.  I loved the Mach II, but it’s a big wheel, and I need to fold my wheel and tuck it into a closet.

The newest member of the Spinolution family is the Hopper.  I Heart the Hopper big time!  It’s a little bitty wheel, that sits in between your feet.  My long gorilla arms rested on my thighs for a most relaxing and comfy spinning experience.

I hope to be able to buy one at some point soon.  What a cutie!


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  1. Gorilla arms?!! lol! Maybe we could trade off. My midget arms could use some extra length!

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