Alphabet quilt

Here’s another quilt by one of my customers that you all love!  Her alphabet quilt was made for her new grandson.  I wasn’t able to get a full view of the quilt, but here are some of my favorite blocks:

The redwork is so finely done, that another customer who saw the quilt on my longarm thought that the redwork stitching had been done by machine.  Beautiful work, Karen.

So as not to distract from the redwork designs, I chose to quilt a simple echo using white thread; this holds everything in place while giving prominence to the redwork stitching.

Check out the size of these feathers!!

Each corner of the quilt featured a variation of this block.  Whimsical hearts fit the block as well as the sentiment behind the quilt!

Each block was unique in it’s setting, so I chose a couple of different quilting designs which related to each other, and designed each block separately!



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2 responses to “Alphabet quilt

  1. How sweet! they look so little when you put the bobbin up to them 🙂 thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. i love putting a little bit of hand work into a quilt. The red is great!! lovely stitching too.

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