Silk ties and denim bag

I love to upcycle, which is a fancy term for taking one thing (like a pair of jeans and some men’s silk ties) and turning it into another thing (like a bag!).

I had some leftover tie bits from another art project, and they were so pretty I couldn’t bear to toss them.  And, since you are all well aware of the way I clean up after myself, I also couldn’t — or didn’t– put them away in a tub on a shelf.  So, after marinating on my worktable (you might also call this an ironing board.  If I ever cleared it off so that I could iron.) the tie bits organized themselves into a very interesting pattern.  I quickly sewed them together, and with the addition of some denim from a pair of worn out jeans, they all became a very cute bag:

I hope my niece doesn’t read my blog.  If she does, I hope she has a short term memory, as this bag is destined for her Christmas gift (I know!! I’m so gonna beat the Christmas rush next December!!)



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2 responses to “Silk ties and denim bag

  1. I’m sure she will love it!

  2. Freda

    Love the bag Susan and if your niece reads your blog she will want it now!

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