A dyeing surprise!

I’ve been dyeing cotton for about 14 years, and I’m pretty proficient, if not completely accurate.  Wool fleece is newer to me, and while I can put to use some of my cotton experience, often I am winging it!

This latest round of acid dyeing surprised me– and left me in a fit of giggles:

Both bumps of clean merino fleece were dyed with a fairly consistent mixture of black and bright green acid dye.  Yes, you read right– I got both red and green fleece from a mix of black and green dye powder!!

The first stockpot came out… red!  Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I tried to figure out what happened.

The red dye solution was made from a mixture of Jacquard Black and Bright Green (you can see small brushstrokes of green amidst all that red).  I haven’t been thrilled by Jacquard’s acid dye in Black (or brown, for that matter), as I have been finding the colors I mix with it too red.  I’m guessing that the black dye powder contains a lot of red dye, and this time, the red got really aggressive and overpowered all the other dye colors!!

I don’t keep notes, so the only thing I can say for certain is that I tried to duplicate my dyeing steps for the second pot of merino.  I used the same Jacquard green dye, but substituted Lanaset Black.  This time, I got a nice mix of olive and sage greens.

I’m sitting here trying to think up a “ba-dum-bum” sentence to sum up the post, but really?  Look at that photo!!  That’s enough of a “ba-dum-bum”, don’cha think?!!

See you next time, with more crazy color!



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5 responses to “A dyeing surprise!

  1. A very nice surprise!

  2. They may have been a surprise, but they sure are beautiful!

  3. I always knew you were a mad dying scientist! I love what you ended up with! Can’t wait to see what you do with this now!

  4. I have had the same results when I do not use the full packet or container of dye. It was my thought that various colors used to make black, are heavier and by not using the entire container resulted in the result. It would be awesome to know the real reason.

  5. Holly Agnew

    The photo looks like it is out of a Raphael painting!

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