All Colors Go Together at the Ventura County Museum of History and Art

I am honored to have my piece, “All Colors Go Together”, accepted into the new fiber art show at the Ventura County Museum of History and Art.  I have seen several of the other works which will hang in the show, and the art representing the fiber art field is interesting, meaningful, and gorgeous.

The artists’ reception will be this Friday, March 12 from 6 – 8pm at the museum in Ventura, CA.  The new gallery (while the museum undergoes renovation) is 89 S. California St, Ventura, CA. If you can’t make the opening, the show will be mounted until June 20.  Museum hours are 11am-6pm, Tuesday through Sunday.


There is a nice article about the show in today’s Ventura Star newspaper.  Click here for the link:  newspaper article


My piece, All Colors Go Together, started with a parking lot discussion with my fellow Fibervision buddy, Mary Norton.  I was talking about how all of my work for the past few years has been monochromatic.  She is a master of fabric color and pattern manipulation, and swore to me that “all colors go together”.  This simple statement ran through my mind over and over.

At the time, I was reading several books on the subject of polygamy, much of which dealt with the dangerous life women lead in the polygamist compounds– much of the danger stemming from illiteracy.  A few movies, a few books later, and the concept of racial prejudice, illiteracy, and the powerless lives of the disenfranchised had become a relentless beat in my brain.

I began my piece with hand dyeing the initial fabric in a ROY G BIV rainbow; however, with Mary’s voice in my head, I challenged myself to dye each piece of fabric with a certain percentage of it’s neighbor on the color wheel.  So, I dyed some orange yardage, but added some red and some yellow dye to the mix.  Yellow fabric got some orange and some green, blue got some green and indigo, violet got some indigo and red, and red (phew) got some violet and some orange.

I then stripped the fabric, sewed it all back together into a richly textured new fabric (a technique I call Trapped Fibers), sewed the panels together, and added a trapped fiber  “X”, which represents the signatory “X” of those who cannot write their own names.  The “X” is heavily beaded, with many grafitti symbols, including the beginning intials of my own family.

(photo before beading the “X”):

I would love for you to see the piece in person– it has so much meaning for me, and I’d like to share that with you.  Please introduce yourself to me at the show– I love to meet fellow blog friends!



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6 responses to “All Colors Go Together at the Ventura County Museum of History and Art

  1. Woohoo! I am doing the happy dance for you, my friend! The piece is beatiful, and the story is inspiring. I’m proud of you! xoxo

  2. Janet

    WOW, this is just amazing. Such a moving story behind it. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats, Susan!! Wish I lived closer, I would come and see your work on exhibit! Love the finished piece!

  4. I’ll be there to see it in person Friday night! Can’t wait!

  5. Congrats! Your lovely work more than deserves the honor!

  6. Ginny Deppe

    I may not have a voice to cheer you with and Rich can’t do much jumping up and down these days, but we’ll be there tonight to see the results of your contemplative story quilt. Just look for the two old farts huddled in the corner. The Giant Kleenex box will be a dead give-away!!

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